Visual / Audio

NONOTAK is a creative duo founded by former visual artist Noemi Schipfer and former architect-musician Takami Nakamoto that was conceived in late 2011. NONOTAK work with light & sound installations and performance pieces to create ethereal, immersive and dreamlike environments which are built to envelope, challenge and stagger the viewer capitalising on Nakamoto’s approach to space, light & sound and Schipfer’s experience with kinetic visual and geometric drawings. This results in a duo who creates pieces that put together light, sound and space in order to provide audience a unique visual and sensitive experience.

The large range of projects NONOTAK are capable of designing and producing allowed them to experiment in many different fields of arts : Architecture, Music, Fine Arts, Digital Arts, Scenography, Theater, Cinema, Dance, Design and Fashion.
The studio never expanded since its founding. NONOTAK still operates as a duo. Sound and visual contents are all produced in house, including their documentative contents that are available online as a visual preview of their work.
Nonotak’s aesthetic is inspired by minimal architecture and optical art.