Live A/V

Experience Nonotak's incredible Shiro installation! With captivating visuals and mesmerizing music, it's their first-ever show in South East Asia presented by DIAGE. Get ready for an otherworldly journey that amazes audiences worldwide.

Nonotak is a collaboration between visual artist Noemi Schipfer and architecture-musician Takami Nakamoto. Since the formation, the duo has been developing multiple installations that encapsulate Nakamoto’s specialty in space and sound design and Schipfer’s visions and experience in spatial visuals to create dream-like ambiance and mind-bending space time.’s Their performance of Shiro is one of their most spectacular projects which earned them a selection by New York Times as one of the top performances at Sónar festival in 2017.
Nonotak’s performances have been highly sought after as they have been performing at various shows and festivals across the globe such as Sónar, Mutek, Roppongi Art, Lunchmeat and many more.