Live A/V

Sometimes, it is something you least expect in life that leads to wonderful, lifelong memories. That’s how the relationship and long-standing collaboration between the two artists, Nosaj Thing aka Jason Chung and Daito Manabe came to blossom when Jason stumbled upon Daito’s works that prompted him to contact Manabe on twitter in 2009. It wasn’t until a few years later for the two to actually be working together when Manabe produced two music videos for the tracks ‘Eclipse/Blue’ from Jason’s album ‘Home’ in 2012 and ‘Cold Stare’ from ‘Fated’ in 2015. The combination of Jason’s abstract beats and emotive melodies and Manabe’s mixture of algorithmic image generation, lighting designs and bodily elements of dance show the synergy between the two creative forces and laid the foundation for their live shows, with the latest collaboration being from Jason’s ‘Continua’ album.

Jason first released his material as Nosaj Thing in 2006, but his debut album ‘Drift’ came in 2009, of which gained him international recognition. The LA-based continued to release his works while at the same time produced beats for world renowned hip hop artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper. On the other hand, Daito Manabe is a multidisciplinary artist whose works span across the fields of DJ, VJ, Design, Composer and Programmer. His work explores the possibility of interactions between man and machine and his Rhizomatik Studio serves as one of the leading R&D outlets that continue to push boundaries of technology’s roles on artistry.
This is a rare opportunity to catch their live performance on ‘Continua’, which was previously seen at festivals like Sonar Hong Kong, Barcelona and Mutek Japan. The two creative geniuses at work promise a performance that will not let you down.