Get ready for an extraordinary show as Amnesia Scanner and Freeka Tet join forces once more. Their powerful performance is paired with Freeka Tet's cutting-edge live visuals. This unique experience blends experimental artistry with social commentary, using intense club sounds and visuals to evoke hidden emotions and thoughts in the audience. Don't miss this bridge between club vibes and thought-provoking artistry!

Amnesia Scanner is a Berlin-based Finnish electronic duo whose works are deeply rooted in exploring late capitalist system’s flaws fused with vocalisations of their own AI software Oracle that they “summon” throughout their performances. Freeka Tet, a French-born New York-based digital artist takes his inspirations from a wide range of internet cultures including memes, trolls, and irrational human behaviours and interprets his experiences through various platforms such as coding, electronics, performance-based works, objects, prosthetics and many more. The two entities collaborated and released STROBE.RIP, an album that, according to Pitchfork, “birth plenty of monstrosity, but also plunge deep into an eerily wistful current”, which remains one of the best mind-fuck albums ever released.
Both Amnesia Scanner and Freeka Tet’s works are highly valued and in demand throughout the music and art worlds. The electronic duo has been performing at world’s best festivals such as Berlin Atonal, CTM festival and Terraforma, while Freeka Tet’s works can be found in collaborations with Aphex Twin’s, Margiela x Reebok, Childish Gambino and exhibitions in world-class museums such as Google IO, Mutek, La Gaité Lyrique and many more.