Live A/V

Sung-su Park, an artist residing in Seoul, delves into the hidden patterns of nature that resonate with human experiences. His art disassembles conventional structures, reconstructing both materials and perception through intangible means. In doing so, he seeks to illustrate the profound connection between humans and nature. Sung-su Park is involved in a wide range of artistic mediums, including light sculptures, audio-visual pieces, and performance art. His work has been exhibited at Paradise Art Lab, ZER01NE and South West Creative Industry and he has performed at places such as Nam June Paik Art Center and MUTEK Montreal.

UNKNOWN Kim, is a researcher and sound artist with dual bases in The Hague, Netherlands, and Seoul, South Korea. She is actively engaged as a sound artist through the "Acoustic Territories" project, which places emphasis on ecoacoustic soundscapes. Her artistic endeavors primarily revolve around the sounds and music generated through the interaction between the natural environment and human presence, delving into the auditory dimensions of psychogeography. Her has held residencies at Sonic Act, BARIUM and Hyundai ZER01NE.