DJ Set

When mentioning Hong Kong, for most people, a few things pop up in mind: the bustling city, the mega film industry and, especially, the heavenly food culture. For its underground music scene, one of the main ingredients being cooked up has got to be Ocean Lam. The main pillar of the HK nightlife circuit has been a core contributor to the local and regional scene for over a decade, taking up many roles from DJ to promoter to music director/curator. She has worked tirelessly to show the world what Asia has to offer, and to the locals what the rest of the world can provide. Opening duty for heavyweights such as Sven Vath, Efdemin and Axel Boman, just to name a few, is a great feat in itself. Hosting talents like Ryan Elliott, Tobias or Heiko Laux only adds to her already spectacular profile.

Of course all those achievements mentioned cannot be reached without real skills and experience. Unpretentious and true to herself, Ocean Lam’s sets tell stories through pumping basslines, deep cutting snares and exquisite vocals. They are full of intense builds that continuously spiral the crowds’ energy upwards, yet when she sees fit, she is always able to switch moods and create a magical atmosphere that is hard to forget. Moreover, having 5 releases on HK label Typhoon records and one on Boulevard Records London means that her production skills cannot be overlooked.
With the dedication and passion she puts into music, It is only suitable for her to shine on the international and regional stage. Playing at festivals such as Melt!, Sonar HK and Wonderfruit as well as venues like Berlin’s about:blank, Tag Chengdu, Oil Shenzhen, Faust Seoul and The Observatory in Ho Chi Minh. Don’t miss this opportunity to see her perform live at DIAGE’s DJ stage.