Live A/V

EAU王懿 and MiaoJing苗晶 team up to present their latest collaboration ‘Seven Colors’ in Bangkok at DIAGE Festival this November. ‘Seven Colors’ is a 3D live audio visual performance with EAU orchestrating musical elements and MiaoJing directing the visuals.The show traverses through seven variations of music, visuals and stories mixed into myths, imagination, ancient and romantic overlaps. Using fictional and deconstructed images in an open form, the performance invites the audience to its elements of suspense and wonder, leaving them to their own individual perception and interpretation.

EAU王懿 aka Wang Yi is a Shanghai-based cross-platform artist and musician. The Say Yes Asia artist’s works attempt to convey deep, calm emotions and to show three-dimensional multilayer structure. The word ‘EAU’ means water in French, which symbolises the changes of thinking and flow of time. EAU specialises in Music Actual and Electroacoustic, using sound as a creative medium and combining dynamic images and installations to explore various possibilities of music creation. He has racked up an impressive portfolio of releases over the years on labels like SoundBlanc and collaborated with multiple talented artists such as Debei Universe. He has also worked in soundtrack composition and sound designs and has performed at various venues and festivals across Asia and China.
MiaoJing 苗晶 is a multi artist and animator. His background in painting since childhood and deep understanding of artistry allow him to express himself and move freely between mediums, including painting, performances, images, sculptures and 3D animation, while simultaneously exploring new technologies that would benefit and elevate his creations. His works explore themes such as “Primitive Futurism”, personal identity under “Manufactured Landscape” as well as extensive research on ancient statues and artifacts to create hybrid “digital statues” in his “Digital Archaeology” series. His works and performances have been exhibited at and commissioned by many respected institutions and brands such as National Museum of China, MoCA Shanghai, Beijing Today Art Museum, Sao Paulo Art Museum, Carlo/Fletcher Art Gallery London, Audi China, Budweiser, Samsung and too many to mention.