DJ Set

Born and Raised in Santiago de Chile and now residing in Rio de Janeiro, Valesuchi has a reputation throughout South America as one of the best talents to come out of its flourishing scene. Having carved out her place in Santiago’s everchanging DIY art scene, she has spent time nurturing her skills at offbeat events as a DJ, and what came with it was attention and respect to every detail and aspect that makes a good party. Her ability to read and understand the crowd results in exciting dynamics on the dancefloor, where she centers the shared experience between herself and the audience as the focal point of the artform.

A true artist at heart, she never stopped learning her craft despite having almost two decades of experience under her belt. Her relentless search for sonic tools allows her room for improvisation, which plays a big part in her DJ sets. For her, DJing is a service rather than a form of vanity, something quite rare in this new era we live in. The music represented in her DJ sets comes from within. It offers a softer, more beautiful side of dance music through grooves, bass sounds and deep layers, prompting our bodies to act as a medium that interacts with her music and expresses itself in limitless ways.
Her approach to production also adopts a similar approach to her DJ sets. Unpredictable yet precise, emotional yet calculated. She has released her music on various respected labels including Rhythm Section, Domina and Discos Pegaos. She has also been working with Cashu and Carneosso on a femme-focused label and party, MAMBA rec, where she released her LP ‘Tragicomic’, an album that makes you feel as close to who she is as it can get. Unsurprisingly, her undeniable talent and skills expand beyond the continent, making frequent appearances at celebrated venues such as Panorama Bar, Garage Noord, DC 10 Nowadays and festivals like CTM and DGTL Sao Paulo.