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From performing blistering live sets to producing ____ experimental club music. object blue’s success hardly comes as a surprise. The London resident burst onto the scene in 2018 after she released her debut EP ‘Do you plan to end a siege?’ on TT, with one of the tracks ‘Act Like It Then’ ended up being Resident Advisor’s track of the year. A debut performance at Berlin Atonal and Corsica Studio and another EP ‘Rex’ on Let’s Go Swimming soon came afterwards, cementing her status as one of the most prominent artists in Europe's club circuit.

blue’s sonic effortlessly hops between cerebral, elusive experimental sounds and refined percussions complimented by piping dance floor beats. Her fresh sound design and unique approach to techno quickly accumulated a clout of followers. With a growing reputation as a live artist, producer and DJ, she landed herself places among other top artists at festivals such as Dekmantel, Dimensions, Unsound, Retextured, Primavera and too many to mention.
The list of achievements and accolades does not stop there. Composing music for Andreas Kronthaler for Vivian Westwood SS20 and performing it live at Paris Fashion Week was a rare feat. Being on end of year lists for Crack Magazine and Mixmag, selected top 10 artists to watch on Soundcloud and praises sung by the likes of Dazed, i-D and Pitchfork are just a cherry on top. Her releases over the past few years speak for themselves. From ‘FIGURE BESIDE ME’ that was accompanied by a magnificent 360-degree audio visual installation to ‘Hyperaesthesia’ EP on Nervous Horizon, blue’s music is an inevitable ___