Doon Kanda is a master of showcasing contrasts. His creations, whether visual or sonic, brilliantly blend aesthetics with the eerie, life with death, and love with fear. Witness his unparalleled talent for balancing yourself.

Doon Kanda aka Jesse Kanda is a Canadian-Japanese artist, musician and animator based in Tokyo renowned for his collaborations with top artists such as Björk, FKA twigs and Arca, which earned him recognition as one of the most impressive and eye-catching visual artists. Musically, his avant-garde productions landed him on one of London’s most revered record labels Hyperdub, which has seen numerous releases since his debut EP “Heart EP” on Hyperdub in 2017. He has also released 2 albums on his own label, wwwomb.
Aside from his nomination for the 2015 Grammy Award for Best Recording Package for FKA twigs’ debut studio album LP1, his artistry products have been sought after and showcased across Europe and Asia at events such as Rewire and Panorama Bar’s Creamcake.